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Veganism Taking Over the Supermarkets

If you were to walk into a supermarket FIVE years ago, you would struggle to shop vegan when it comes to meat substitutes and creative eating. But NOW you can go to any supermarket and find so many options to make your meal times yummy and eco-friendly. 

It always excites me when I find new vegan foods, especially in shops I don’t expect it from. Walking into Lidl and Aldi with my (non-vegan) grandparents and unexpectedly discovering vegan sausages, burgers AND christmas party food such as vegan sausage rolls, hoisin ‘duck’ spring rolls (pulled jackfruit) and spicy cauliflower bites. I was incredibly impressed (and slightly smug) that veganism has successfully fought itself into most supermarkets I visit often. It also makes me laugh when I see all this party food and think about people asking me ‘what do you even eat as a vegan?’ and how I’m getting to eat all this yummy food. Proves people wrong, I’ll tell ya! 

I haven’t had the chance to check myself yet but after my grandparents went to Tesco to stock up on party food I noticed they had also bought vegan goodies from there too, as well as their own ‘Free From’ turkey and stuffing tortilla chips which are in the shape of christmas trees. I could eat a whole bag of those and not even realise I’d done it, they’re THAT good. Sainsbury’s vegan cheese platter is a massive YES from me as well, they do their own ‘Free From’ brand which is very nice and also sell Violife – my favourite vegan cheese to date, it’s delicious 100% recommend. 

Ready meals and vegan meat substitutes are now being featured in the meat aisles, taking up space that would normally be occupied by animal flesh. This is a massive win for vegans as, not only does it restrict the amount of meat that can be put out in those aisles, but it also allows non-vegans to see these products without actively looking for them and making it more likely that they will ‘try them out’ and realise they’re actually really yummy. 

If you’re looking for a sweet treat for yourself or to give as a little gift to someone else, Candy Kittens are vegan and vegetarian sweets (not all flavours are vegan unfortunately but the majority are) and can be found in Waitrose. As is the Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar sweet range by M&S, most are gelatine free and they even have a christmas collection to make it feel a bit more festive. 

The point is, veganism is now everywhere and to those who say ‘veganism is so hard’ or ‘I could never be vegan’ really don’t know what they’re talking about because the chances are they’ve never looked into it and don’t have enough knowledge on the subject to make the statement that they ‘can’t do it’. Remember that for every meal you eat that is animal product free, you’re saving lives, your own health and the planet so keep being a wonderful human being and don’t let others tell you otherwise. 🙂