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The Myth of the Mash

When someone mentions potatoes, there’s normally some kind of negative association (putting aside the fact that they’re delicious!). I doubt that you’re new to hearing that ‘potatoes make you fat’ or ‘I look like a potato today’ or ‘so high in carbs I can’t afford to eat them because I’m trying to lose weight’. Well, today I’m telling you that these nightmarish sayings are MYTHS. (How awesome is that?!) 

Both sweet and white potatoes are actually very good for you and can be a great aid in weight loss. White potatoes contain a little amount of every nutrient that your body requires to remain healthy and functioning, so eating the right amount of potato in your diet is actually very beneficial. This includes both micronutrients AND macro-nutrients, and they’re especially very high in fibre so that’s taken care of one issue! Lots of people worry that because potatoes are very starchy this means that they are particularly high in sugar. The starch does convert to glucose however when you consume potatoes, because they are so dense and packed with nutrients, it takes a long time for the body to digest all of it. The glucose assists in fuelling the brain and body in it’s activities for a long time and because it takes so long to digest, the glucose doesn’t aid in rapidly rising blood sugar. Also due to the time it takes to digest, it keeps you full and high in energy for longer. 

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more positives to your old pal the potato, let me tell you that there are! Potatoes are high in water and it is often advised that you EAT the water in your diet. Veggies and potatoes are high in water so eating large amounts of these foods in your everyday diet helps keep you happy and hydrated. As well as this, they are incredibly low in saturated fats and cholesterol, so basically… just eat potatoes! (absolutely joking, as much as that would be awesome). 

These cheap and easy to find heaps of happiness are obviously vegan and 100% natural which is probably the reason that they’re so healthy and full of goodness! #vegansforthewin What’s awesome about them is that you can eat them in multiple forms, they mould to your mood! Roasted, boiled, baked, steamed, mashed… you can’t lose. They only become unhealthy when you add lots of oil and fry them to make chips or hash browns etc which you don’t have to do to make them yummy (as we’ve just found out). 

I started thinking about this blog when making mash potato for my lunch the other day. Before going vegan, I added cows milk or butter to my mash to make it creamier and I thought – how can I make my mash creamier now I’m vegan? POTATO LIFE HACK – add roughly 50ml of Alpro unsweetened oat milk to a portion of mashed potato, it’s AMAZING!! (You’re welcome ;)) I wish you a lifetime of perfect potato meal times 🙂