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Mind Strengthening

It wont come as a shock to most of you that strengthening your mind is just as important as strengthening your body, although strengthening your body may seem like the obviously more important factor. 

Going through every day activities such as going to work, working at home, organising your life and being a positive and supportive asset to other people’s lives can, without you realising, put a strain on your mental health. There are more than enough stresses that we all face day in and day out so it’s incredibly important that we keep on top of it and give our mind a break. 

I have dealt with (and still do occasionally) anxiety and depression, illnesses that have effected me on and off all my life. At times, everyday activities can prove too challenging and it can crush your mood and make everything feel too difficult. But the thing is, those challenges are 100% achievable and to be able to master and overcome your demons is a real strength and strengthening your mind is a beautiful and rewarding skill to have. 

There are many ways you can strengthen your mind, some more effective than others but all are worth it. Some that I’ve tried and personally found useful are. 

– Reading ‘Rewrite Your Anxious Brain’ by Catherine M. Pittman, PhD and Elizabeth M. Karle, MLIS. A book to help you understand the neuroscience behind anxiety, what causes it and how to help overcome it or make it easier. (It’s incredible, they really know their stuff. 10/10 recommend) 

– Downloading ‘mindfulness’ apps. This was recommended to me by a doctor when I inquired about depression and how to overcome it. They help you to realise that you are doing a really good job and that you should be aware of and recognise your achievements more often. 

– Creating ‘To Do’ lists for each day and ticking things off as you go. This is small but it helps you recognise each achievement you make during the day, however big. Learn to mentally reward yourself for being productive and getting things done. 

– Eating healthy and strengthening your body. During physical exercise a chemical called endorphins is released which triggers a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. This positive feeling overlaps in your mind and gives you a sense of accomplishment and self love (which is incredibly important). Equally, eating healthy foods fill your brain and body with the correct nutrients in order to function properly and allowing you to think straight, making everything else in your day seem more positive. 

– Always having a safe and tidy space to come home to. It may seem really obvious, but keeping your home tidy and clutter free makes space for a clearer mind (pun intended) because when thoughts build up in your head it can prove very difficult to think straight, but being in an organised environment helps your brain deal with things step by step and not jump the gun. 

– The day is only as good as YOU make it. Start the day by waking up and saying to yourself that you are going to be the positive vibe to everyone whose life you walk into that day. Communicate calmly, think before you speak, listen to people and see the positive or solution in the situations you come across. This will make interactions and jobs a lot easier. 

– Smile often. Even if you’re alone and doing some jobs at home, just smile to yourself. Your brain will recognise that you’re making an effort to be happy and make it harder for negative vibes to intrude. 

Love yourself a little more each day and life will become just that little bit easier. 

Anonymous xxx