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Mental and Physical Wellbeing Go Hand-in-Hand

Something that not everyone is aware of, physical health is equally important as mental health, in fact they happen to be best friends. When you’re working out, be it in the gym, at a fitness class or outside for a run, if your mind isn’t acting as your best pal and throwing positive vibes your way then your workout is going to suffer because of it. Your brain acts as a control room in your body and basically tells everything else what to do, whether you’re aware of it or not. So if you’re having a day when your brain is asleep, upset, or just not in the mood to work with the rest of your body, then the rest of your body just isn’t going to co-operate. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a ‘down day’, everybody has one now and again because we’re all human and the stresses of life can sometimes get too much. For most people, exercise is a powerful release of stress from these ‘down days’ so going to the gym is their personal coping mechanism for this frame of mind. However, as much as some people want to work out to release this stress, sometimes it can hinder their performance, and that’s ok just take it easy, both on your mind and your body. (Don’t add to your negative feeling, just breathe! Tea helps too :)). 

Down days are simply a bump in the road NOT the end of your journey. Getting you and your mind over this bump is more of an achievement than it seems, so just remember that you are capable of making it through challenges and don’t forget to give yourself credit – you’re doing great! If you feel that you need a day off, have one. You can make it up another time, it’s not the end of the world, and your mental and physical wellbeing takes priority. However, if you feel as though going to the gym is going to pick you up and aid in your positivity, go take that feeling out on the weights! You might impress yourself 🙂 

It’s also very easy in this day and age to forget that you’re working out to make your mind and your body healthier and happier, it’s extremely common for working out to be fuelled by the social requirement to look a certain way and when you’re struggling to reach that particular goal, it can put a strain on your mind. Little thing to remember – every individual body is different, and equally beautiful. So if you’re worried about the fact that you don’t look exactly like your friend or a celebrity or the guy over in the free weights that looks like he could lift a thousand kilos with his little finger, then stop, take a look in the mirror and appreciate what and who you are. Because trust me, there are most likely lots of other people who look at you the way that you look at those above and wish they were more like you (because you’re incredible and you should give yourself way more love than you do). Also, you’re an expert at being you. No-one else can do that like you can, so go and show them what you’re made of 😉 . 

Every day, week or month, set yourself small goals. These little hills are more achievable than a huge mountain and by successfully completing one of these challenges more often you will feel a greater sense of achievement and inspire yourself to carry on the journey for longer (it’s a marathon not a sprint, remember). 

Lastly, DON’T FORGET that eating right has more of an impact on your physical and mental wellness than you think. Fuel your mind and your body with nutritious foods that will help program you to become a positive version of yourself. I know from experience that it’s very easy to be having a bad day and think ‘I’m just going to get a take away’ or ‘I’m just going to eat that chocolate bar instead of my lunch’ or ‘I’m just going to skip breakfast today’. It’s ok to eat small amounts of ‘bad’ food once in a while, but don’t make a habit of it, have a balanced diet and all that jazz. Trust me, ‘bad’ food has such a negative impact on your mental health. It can make you feel less energised and less motivated to get other things done, which then leads to a snowball effect of feeling gross in lots of ways. It’s not worth it. Tell yourself that eating wrong will only make you feel worse, have a healthier snack instead! I recommend a Nakd Bar, they’re vegan, super healthy and most importantly YUM. Reprogram yourself to be kinder to your body. It will help you in your mental wellbeing and your time in the gym. 

Remind yourself now and again to throw as much love at yourself as you throw at other people because you deserve to be the best version of you that there could possibly be 🙂 x