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Yoga For Strength

Online Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi Combination Classes

Join me (Quincey) and explore different approaches to training the body and mind with your 30 Day Free Trial

Work Out and Feel Good

Our classes are designed to create an inner sense of peace and wellbeing for experienced practitioners and newcomers alike.

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Do You Want To Combine Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates into One Exciting New Practice?

Hi I'm Quincey. If you want to become STRONGER, MORE FLEXIBLE and FOCUSED - then we're going to be spending our time together 🙂

I founded our Yoga/Tai Chi/ Pilates Combination classes (or ODYSSEY as we like to call it) to bring you my favourite, most effective teachings from each practice. And that's all it is - PRACTICE. There's no pressure here to be perfect. Not only might you stumble or struggle in class every now and then - but you'll see me do it too! Sure I can do some cool stuff but there's no superhuman-ness to it. I too have strengths and weaknesses; and now I'm here to help you work on yours. Time to make progress - let's do this!

Why Should I?

  • Take Control - choose a workout that suits YOU
  • Ultimate Flexibility - stream classes WHENEVER you like
  • Strength in Numbers - signing up increases your chance of SUCCESS in reaching your goals
  • The Personal Touch - I care about all of our Ve-Fitters and craft content geared towards what our community wants!
  • Feel Better - Exercise to COMBAT DEPRESSION and ANXIETY
  • Expand Your Practice - new or experienced; there is always something to DISCOVER


Develop control of your body with a deep focus on strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles. Precision is key - with specific exercises targeting weak points in the body.


With a vast array of styles and approaches to the practice; the body is challenged and developed in numerous ways - including improving the bodies fitness, flexibility, strength, balance and concentration.

Tai Chi

Widely known as a moving meditation; flowing movements mobilise the body and channel the mind. There are several styles, however all bring a sense of calm and connection with oneself.


Quincey is an amazing instructor. I was a reluctant pilates participant 2 years ago when I first started but now I love it! Quincey tailors each class to everyones ability and always gives constructive and useful feedback. No two classes are the same and the variety Quincey offers keeps the classes interesting and the time flies. I was unsure how online classes would work initially but the exercises are clearly demonstrated and explained and Quincey is always happy to answer any questions you have. Doing online classes has offered me much greater flexibility to do classes around work and the kids and I'm really noticing the benefits. I couldn't recommend Quincey highly enough!

- Jessica M

Hi guys, I have been training with Hannah for 6 weeks, the sessions have been good, hard work. Hannah's support has been amazing throughout my training with Ve-Fit

- Dan T

Quincey is very helpful and friendly. He explains how to do every yoga move and it's a really enjoyable workout

- Mike R


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We are a team of 2 Plant Powered Athletes - with a passion for creating real, positive change in the lives of others. With over 2 decades combined experience - you know you're in good hands. We constantly strive to improve ourselves and, knowing how difficult the journey can be, want to help empower others to do the same.

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