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Going Vegan – 5 Quick and Easy Food Swaps!

These days there is so much going on to encourage individuals to take the leap and switch to a vegan diet and many people are worried because it just seems so hard. Ever heard the phrase ‘I could be vegetarian but not vegan’ or ‘but what about bacon’? Because I can tell you I’ve heard them TOO many times! The most efficient way to go vegan is to make small swaps slowly and not throw yourself straight into it as that can seem slightly overwhelming. Here are a few easy food swaps that you can make as you gradually change your diet for the better. 

First stop – milk! 

Most of us have been raised to use cow’s milk in our coffee and pour it on our cereal but the reality is that cow’s milk is called cow’s milk for a reason! Just like any other mammal, the mother produces milk after her baby has been born as they require their mothers milk in order to grow into an adult. Think about it, it’s cow’s breast milk. The same way that a human mother breast feeds her baby, that’s what cow’s milk is produced for. The same as dogs, cats, pigs etc. but we wouldn’t dream of drinking their milk would we? It’s a bit of a strange and unnatural habit that we’ve grown into, so let’s stop taking what’s not ours and try some of the many delicious plant based milks that are much healthier and taste incredible! 

The most commonly known about milks are soya milk and almond milk (which I know quite a few people who don’t like it so they get put off) but there are so many more! 

My personal favourite is hazelnut milk (tastes like Nutella and I drink it on its own it’s so good!) and oat milk for sure. One that I tend to have day-to-day is soya milk because it’s quite cheap from the supermarket and I go through it so fast! 

Here’s a list of plant-based alternatives (though I’m sure there are more!): 

– Soya 

– Rice 

– Hemp 

– Hazelnut 

– Oat 

– Almond 

– Coconut 

– Pea 

– Peanut

Next stop is SAUSAGES! – because who doesn’t love a sausage sandwich? 

I admit, some supermarket brand vegan sausages are not my favourite, however Richmond Vegan Sausages and BEYOND sausages are to die for! I’m not even joking when I say that they taste exactly the same. Honestly, you won’t even know there’s no meat in them, they taste just as seasoned and yummy as the original! If you’re making a sausage sandwich, sausage and mash, toad in the hole, sausage casserole… USE THESE!! Try them for yourself and see. 

Fancy a healthy snack that’s not just an apple? 

Some of us like to enjoy a healthy snack now and then that isn’t just a piece of fruit and I have found the perfect solution, Nakd bars. They’re small snack bars that are raw fruit and nut ‘smooshed together’ and they are so yummy! They come in all different flavours and some of them really taste like cake which settles all the cravings. A personal fave is Blueberry Muffin because trust me when I say that they are delicious. Curing the cravings and fuelling the body with what it actually needs at snack time all at the same time, fab! More of my personal fave flavours include: 

– Bakewell Tart 

– Cashew Cookie (only two ingredients!) 

– Salted Caramel 

– Cocoa Orange 

– Lemon Drizzle 

There are so many more and they’re all mouth watering, even including their breakfast bar range. Enjoy! 

The not so healthy snacks… go on, treat yourself. 

We all love an accidentally vegan treat and it just so happens that there are quite a few out there that lots of us didn’t know about. Here are a few examples: 

– Oreos (not the chocolate covered kind) 

– Party Rings 

– Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits 

– Bourbon Biscuits 

– Crawford’s Pink Wafers 

– Mr Kipling – Apple & Blackcurrant Pies and Treacle Tart 

– McVitie’s – Ginger Nuts, Fruit Shortcake, Fig Rolls, Hobnobs, Chocolate Chip Hobnobs 

– Skittles 

– Starburst 

– Millions 

– Love Hearts 

– Turkish Delight 

– Bournville Dark Chocolate 

– Tesco Dark Chocolate – mint and orange 

– Fry’s Chocolate Cream 

– Hula Hoops (original, salt and vinegar) 

– Pringles (BBQ, original, paprika, smokey bacon) 

– Sunbites (original, sweet chilli) 

– Doritos Chilli Heatwave 

…and so many more! 

How do I bake without using eggs? 

As a fan of baking myself, this was definitely a question I needed the answer to promptly. Truth is, there are lots of alternatives you can use to make your cakes stick together and no one will ever know the difference! Some of the easiest ones are: 

– Avocado 

– Plant-based milk 

– Mashed banana (will add flavour obviously) 

– Flax seeds 

Give these a try and see what works for you, happy baking! 

The best advice you can take when starting your journey to becoming a fantastic vegan is to do your research, read and learn about what the human body needs to survive… for example, all the different types of protein and where to get them from (hint: vegans are not protein deficient as plants are what make protein, I know, crazy!). Oh and TAKE YOUR TIME! Creating lasting change can be challenging for anyone – setting small goals and living with them until they feel normal is a reliable way of progressing the way you want to without burning out.

Don’t give up if you find something that doesn’t work for you, there are lots of options out there and it’s all about trial and error. Hope this helped! 

P.S. You’re doing a great job and your actions are having positive effects for people and animals all over the world, even if you can’t directly see them <3 x